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Large Grande Jumbo
12 oz 16 oz 20 oz.
Coffee X X X
Expresso X  
Cappacino X X X
Latte X X X
Café Mocha X X X
Hot Chocolate X X X
Hot Tea X    
Steamer X X X
Steamed milk with Shot of  syrup       
Mocha Frost X X  
Frozen Café Mocha      
Frozen Fruit Smothie X X  
Ice Tea X    
Chai Tea X X X
Expresso, Steamed Milk, Shot of syrup, Whipped Cream

Snickers X X X
Mocha w/Caramel , Hazelnut, Whipped Cream, Chocolate


Milky Way X X X
Mocha w/Caramel, Chocolate Syrup, Whipped Cream, Chocolate


Irish Cream X X X
Café Caramel X X X
Caramel Sauce Coffee, Half& Half, Whipped Cream 


Whipped Cream

Shot of Syrup